Jessica Lynea Zedock, 30, of Stowe, passed away on Wednesday December 4, 2019 in Norristown.
Born in Plains Township, PA, she was the daughter and only child of Robert and Ruth (Meehan) Zedock.
Jessica was raised in Stowe and is a graduate from Pottsgrove High School. She touched the lives of many with her kind soul and sweet free spirit. Many will remember her by the smile she wore regularly and the laughter she was never without. Because Jessica was loving and friendly by nature, she naturally loved people and was always willing to make new friends. Most who encountered her recognized quickly that she was loud and talkative, but also that she was funny, and her ability to laugh at almost anything made her a pleasure to be around. She truly loved and enjoyed spending time with her friends. Jessica was very artistic and had a knack for culinary arts. Since Jessica was a young girl, she enjoyed cooking, and coloring, which later led to baking and making crafts. She more recently had a vision of going to Culinary Arts school and opening a bakery of her own. Jess had a genuine love for children and animals. She was “Auntie Jess” to a number of her friend’s children and had household pet loves as a girl growing up (Rocky & Tailey to name a few). Jessica was fond of watching movies and spending time at the beach. She was able to recite (& still find humor in) her favorite movie lines for years on end and took pride in her summer/pool side tan. Ever since she discovered “doing” eyebrows, she made it a point to keep them done and didn’t mind having her nails done as well. Those close to Jess will remember “umm sure” as her auto-response to every question asked of her; did she ever answer “no”? Jessica was intelligent and had the memory of an elephant. It remains a mystery how, but she could recall intricate details from dates and times, to names and numbers long after they were introduced to her memory. Jessica enjoyed the holidays, her favorite was Halloween; and she enjoyed playing cards and board games, (she always thought she would beat you by buying up all the “good” properties in a game of Monopoly). She had a love for music, and she didn’t care if she was off beat or didn’t know the words, she would sing along anyway! She enjoyed bowling which was something her family did often over the years. She was beautiful inside and out and was compassionate and passionate. She had good intentions and a pure heart and was a supportive and caring friend. She had a special relationship with her mom Ruth, who was her best friend of all and a respect for her first love, her dad Bob, who did his best to guide her with tough love.
Jessica is and will forever be loved and missed dearly by many. May she live on through the fond memories of her infectious giggles and silliness that she left with almost every single person she came across in her lifetime. May she live on through every heart she has somehow touched on her journey through her innocence and sincerity. And may she be a reminder that tomorrow is never promised, so do all things through love and kindness.
Jessica is survived by her parents Robert and Ruth. She is predeceased by her aunt Catherine Meehan and her uncle John Zedock.
A funeral mass will be celebrated on Thursday December 12, 2019 at 11:00am at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church (127 Jefferson Street, Stowe, PA 19464), Burial will be held privately by the family at a later date. Visitation will be held on Thursday December 12, 2019 from 9:am-10:45am at the church.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the Montgomery County SPCA (1059 Sweisford Road, Perkiomenville, PA 18074) in Jessica’s name.

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