Susan Elaine Robinson, 78

Susan Elaine (Krzemienski) Robinson, 78, wife of Michael E. Robinson, passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 11, 2023, at her home in North Coventry.

Born in Kokomo, Indiana, she was the daughter of the late Joseph Charles Krzemienski II and Susan (Marchak) Krzemienski.

Susan was a devoted mother, wife, and friend. A longtime member of Coventry Church of the Brethren, she loved participating in many church activities, especially singing in the choir. She started her professional career as a teacher, and later transitioned to being a respiratory therapist, where she served the community for years at both the Pottstown and Phoenixville hospitals. Wanting to spend more time at home with her boys, she started her own home-based business with the Shaklee Corporation in the early '90s. Combining her passions of educating and good health, she grew the business successfully to the point where she could walk away from her previous careers and focus on more time with the family. This allowed her to do one of her favorite things, cheer on the boys at their many baseball and soccer games. Susan developed so many special relationships through her life with her warm smile and infectious personality. She truly cared about every person she came into contact with. Beloved by so many, she will surely be missed.

Surviving along with her husband Michael, is her son Mark Robinson, husband of Brittany; brother Joseph Krzemienski III; grandchildren Charlotte Robinson, Noah Robinson, Christian Ziemba, Maison Walters, and Skylar Walters; and nephew Joseph Krzemienski IV. She is predeceased by her 3 sons David Walters, Steven Walters, and Matthew Robinson.

A celebration of life will be held by the family at a later date.

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To my everlasting partner. Oh my Love how I miss you. Every day is torture. I know you're with the Lord and that makes so happy. But the emptiness that surrounds me is so hard to bare sometimes. You're every where I look. If I could only hold you again. And I will one day.
It snowed yesterday and you would have absolutely loved it. Me not so much. And now we have another first, our first Valentine's day in 52 years that we won't be together and get those hugs and kisses. The good Lord is giving me strength and I need it. Knowing that someday we'll be together again. Until that time I'll just watch those grand babies grow. Mark, Brittany and the beautiful Charlotte (what joy to be around) and Noah (He's all boy) it's really something to watch them grow. Their the Apple of my Eye.
Love you LB. Your always on my mind.

~ LB
2/14/2024 1:39:26 AM

Oh my love, it's been 8 painful months since you left me. It's just so hard to believe. There's very few minutes in a day that I don't think of that beautiful and amazing women I married 48 years ago. You're there every time I turn around.

I was watching a movie and a couple was dancing and it queued a faded memory of ours. We used to dance with no music, just holding each other tight and loving each other as we danced to the sound of silence. Neither one wanting it to stop. So beautiful.

Looking forward to the day the good Lord allows us to be together again.
Our Love is Eternal.. BB

~ BB
1/12/2024 12:54:52 AM

Well LB, I Miss you SOOOOO Much! You're constantly on my mind. My world has completely changed without you in it. They say that time heals all things. That's a bunch of bologna. I'll love you forever.

~ BB
12/13/2023 4:25:38 PM

Well LB my love we've come to another first. This is the first Birthday that we won't physically be together in the last 50 yrs. There's no cake, no candles only tears and heart break. But spiritually we are so close. What a magnificent life you lead. What an inspiration you were to me, the boys and friends. You were and still are amazing.
There's not one person in this world who knows how important you were to me. A never ending love. Until we see each other again. Love BB

~ BB
11/8/2023 1:25:07 AM

I love and miss you so much. I can't believe it's been 5 months since you left me. Tears are shed every day for my loss. Yes, I try to smile but it's a lie. People say to me, it looks like you're doing alright. Boy if they only knew.

Do you want to hear a funny.
As I'm writing this, a song by one of the groups (Bread) that we like, was playing
"Good by Doesn't Mean Forever." Did you do that? :):) It really, really lifted my spirits.

I miss and love you so much. You were an amazing human being and the light of my life.
Until I take my last breath I will hold your torch up high.
Praise the Lord for sharing you with me for 50 years. I can't say that enough.
I love you LB!!

~ BB
10/12/2023 12:00:20 AM

Ole my blessed wife how I miss you so. It's been 4 long months since you left me. I have a whole in my heart and it can't be mended. Every morning I wake up and glance at your pillow praying that this is some kind of cruel nightmare. But, then the realization hits me that I'm alone. I know we have the Lords promise that there is eternal life for each and everyone of us and that gets me through each day. You were the strongest person that I ever met. To be able to carry on your life after losing 3 of your children. Your faith never faltered. You are the most amazing person in my life for now and forever. Our love is ETERNAL.


~ BB
9/15/2023 2:29:09 AM

Hi honey. Oh my beautiful wife how I love and miss you so. It's been 3 months since you left me. My days are consumed with all our memories that we had together. Every where I look you're there. When I'm outside working on the lawn or on the house I keep waiting for you to appear and tell me how beautiful everything is. You're just so, so special to me. I still can't believe the Lord took you away from me but I'm getting a little better with it. Honey there's just no words to express how broken hearted I am. I guess I was left behind to help our son Mark, wife Brittany and those beautiful grandchildren we have. Every time I look at Charlotte, I see you. I really think she has your personality. Noah is a cracker jack, He's everywhere. And he's trying to talk at the grand old age of 16 months.

Until we're together again LB.

~ BB
8/11/2023 1:54:33 AM

LB, my love. It's been exactly 2 months to the minute that you left me to be with the Lord. Oh I miss you so much. The hole in my heart is like an abyss and will never be mended until that day when our Lord allows us to be together again in heaven. I know that you're not suffering anymore, for which I'm so eternally grateful to our Lord. Even though I shed tears daily and have these on going wants and longings just to touch and hold you and caress that beautiful face and just to hear your voice again, Oh how happy that would make me. I will wait. For we will be together again through the savior. Our love is eternal....BB

~ LB
7/11/2023 10:44:04 AM

You are the love of my Life, words can not describe the emptiness I feel right now. We had 50 wonderful years together and our love will never weaken. You were my rock then and you are now. I need your strength to get through this. I think of you continuously and oh that beautiful smile. I just want to squeeze you. I miss you so. Eternal Love...

~ BB
6/13/2023 2:13:28 AM

Sue woild drive out from Pottstown to come to my love your liver dinners at my home in Souderton. She would add much to those dinner discussions. She would often bring her mother along that she cared for as well. She helped me with a couple of green presentations at different locations and she made manywonderful contributions. she also played the viola when she was young.

~ Robin
5/30/2023 6:27:39 PM

Sue was a wonderful loving and caring woman. I always remember her beautiful smile. She was a great leader and always willing to share her knowledge. She is at peace now with God. May God wrap his arms around your family and give you peace.
We love you all and are so blessed to have known Sue.
Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace, dear friend.

~ MaryLois Barnas
5/25/2023 9:27:44 PM

Sue was a light to this world, and always will be one of my forever best friends. She filled the world with joy and love and light. Her smile lit up the room and she was a blessing to everyone she knew. She was an amazing woman of God and a great leader to her Shaklee group. Her kindness and love is her legacy! Sue we will see you soon and I know the Lord Jesus said, "Well done my good and faithful servant, Sue!~ Enter into the joy of my Kingdom!" Great is her reward. Now enjoying heaven and her many crows with her 3 sons. Love you so much Sue, you are missed beyond words and you have made a great mark on all of our hearts forever.

~ Mary Kaczor Collegeville, PA
5/25/2023 12:28:37 PM

Deepest Sympathy, I remember meeting her and the dog years ago.

~ David Basara Phoenixville, PA
5/18/2023 7:09:50 PM

My heart goes out to your family. Susan was a wonderful friend and I loved her dearly. After moving to Texas, we often chatted on the phone in the early mornings while I was driving to Dallas and she was taking a morning walk. I miss those conversations and miss Sue as well. God bless

~ Gail
5/18/2023 3:42:45 PM

Mrs. Sue was introduced into my life by caring for her dear Mother. We would share scripture together and sing hyms at times. I can't think of anything but great things about her. She was always a bright, loving and kind spirit. Thank you Mrs. Sue. We will all miss you dearly. See you in heaven.

~ Kimberly Hertzog Annville, PA
5/18/2023 11:31:57 AM

So sorry that Susan has passed away. She was a wonderful woman. I know she is a more wonderful place. Drema

~ Drema Rogers Justice Hurricane, WV
5/16/2023 7:15:11 PM